Tips that come Handy in Kitchen

Tips that come Handy in Kitchen  Part-1

Here are some special tips to make

your work interesting and comfortable.

* Putting 3-4 cloves in Sugar Container

will keep the Ants at bay.


* Apply some Lemon Juice on the Cut Surface of the Apple

to avoid Browning.

They will look Fresh for a longer time.


* To chop Dry Fruits,

place them in Fridge for half an hour before Cutting.

Taking the Fruits out and cut them with a Hot knife.

(dip it in Hot Water before Cutting).


* If the Dough sticks to the Rolling pin,

place it in Freezer for a Few Minutes.


* Garlic Skin comes off easily

if the Garlic Cloves are slightly warmed before Peeling.


 * Keep Spoon in the vessel while boiling Milk at medium heat.

It will avoid sticking the milk at the bottom of the Vessel.


* When the Noodles are boiled, drain all the hot water

and add cold water.

This way all the Noodles will get separated.